The Beauty of the Restaurant matters

  • Jan 13, 2020
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Restaurants near CV Raman Nagar Bangalore

We always get desiring to visit an ice cream parlour, cafes or restaurants especially during weekends, or when we feel like celebrating a special day with our family or a special one. Visiting a restaurant mainly depends on the food we eat and the interior design of the restaurant. The interior design of the restaurant has got a great impact on customer psychology. 

The marketing development of the restaurants mainly depends upon the interior design. Interior design attracts the purchasers to visit the restaurant. Interior design is the first thing a customer will notice when he enters a new restaurant. Interior design makes a customer to order more or less food or whether to visit the restaurant again or not.

Tashann is the best restaurants near CV Raman Nagar Bangalore , our majestic interior design has spacious sitting arrangements, fine architecture, calming color, pleasant smell, and sparkling lights that enhances your party and refreshment experience to give you a better feel. Moreover, Tashann is known for its brand as a Restaurant in C V Raman Nagar and Marathahalli Bangalore. A good interior design of the restaurant can be described when the restaurant is instagramable. 

As we all know people nowadays when they go to any tourist places or especially restaurants they feel like posting it on Instagram only if it’s a good restaurant with good food and with good interiors. Posting images on Instagram attracts more number of customers to go to the restaurant. If the restaurant looks shabby with bright colors nobody seems like visiting that place. We always got to add some unique and artistic ideas to style our restaurant to draw in our targeted customers.

The interior design of the restaurant should mainly specialize in the subsequent element:

Lighting – There should be a good lighting in locations where ever it is essential. Lighting plays a very important role in every restaurant. We can find Three kinds of lighting which are commonly used in restaurants ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lights. Ambient lights are mainly based on the overall look and the feel of the restaurant. These lights might be either dim or bright. Fine dining restaurants use dim lights to make the customers feel more relaxed when they are having food. Task lighting is mainly used for performing tasks like it helps the servers to work and customers to read the menu and order. Accent lights are the lights which are used for decoration purpose which makes the restaurant look more attractive.

Colors – The colors used to paint the walls, for table cloths, for uniforms of the staff, for furniture also highlights the restaurant business. Most of the franchisee restaurants have their color theme which makes them look more attractive and also helps in the branding of the restaurant. Fast food restaurants often use red or yellow because it stimulates appetite. Blue is an unappetizing color but it makes the costumers feel more relaxed and satisfied. 

Seating arrangements – The furniture used in the dining area should be comfortable to sit and they have to be arranged in such a way that the customers should be able to move freely they should not feel clumsy or uncomfortable.

Decorations – Decorating your restaurant with wall hangings like paintings, photographs, some motivational quotes, lights, indoor plants, fountains, and gardens. Tashann is the Best restaurants near CV Raman Nagar Bangalore and we also decorate our restaurant for special events or for festivals which helps in giving a positive vibe for the staff to work more actively and also it helps in attracting more number of customers to visit the restaurant.

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